Upcoming Events

5 November
PhD Alumni Talks   Gissell Estrada-Rodriguez & Hari Sriskantha

We continue our new series of talks from PhD alumni with talks from Dr Hari Sriskantha (UoE 2014), and Dr Gissell Estrada-Rodriguez (MIGSAA 2019). Hari, whose PhD research focussed on computational astrophysics, is now a software architect for the London-based software consultancy Theodo, having previously worked for a number of companies in publishing and media. Gissell is now a postdoctoral research fellow in Paris and was recently awarded a Fondation Sciences Mathematiques de Paris fellowship to continue her research at Sorbonne University for 2020-2021. Her research is focussed on the use of partial differential equations for biological and robotics systems.

11 November
Undergraduate Outreach

An afternoon of talks from current PhD students at Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt to give an idea of research in mathematics. The event will be of interest to those interested in pursuing a PhD in the future, but also to anyone who is curious about what goes on in the department outside of teaching. The event could also provide a suggestion of possible areas for a research project for final year students.

Past Events

15 October

PhD Alumni Talks   Rory Mills-Williams & Muzammil Rammay

12 February

PhD Colloquium 2020   Many thanks to all our speakers and everyone who attended.